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Julie Graham is an artist creating lovely screen printed limited editions and textiles. Inspiration comes from the Suffolk countryside near her cottage, just the briefest glimpse of animal or bird can be an motivating force, as can the reclaimed materials she works with. She sources wools and cottons from local shops and market stalls, while also scouring car boot sales and vintage markets for old sheet music and books.   

Her original fox designs have over the last year expanded to include many of Britain’s wonderful animals, illustrations of badgers, squirrels and hares now adorn her ever growing designs for prints, cards and cushions. 

With a tender and intuitive style she depicts the wildlife that our little island has to offer, but does not always cherish. Julie envisions her designs embellishing homes and reminding ourselves of our lovely British creatures.

Originally drawn with an acute attention to her mark-making, reworking the drawings in ink until she is satisfied with the finished image, which she then transfers to a screen ready to be hand printed.

Julie regularly takes on new and exciting projects, both professional and personal, any enquiries for illustration or graphic design contact Julie at [email protected]